Purple Color Gift Wrap Tissue Paper 15 Inch x 20 Inch - 100 Sheets Pack



Purple Color Gift Wrap Tissue Paper size 15 In X 20 In. Each Pack contains 100 sheets. These papers are made of Premium Quality and good for Gift Package, Gift Wrap, Jewel Wrap, and Craft Work

  • Good for packing Greeting cards, magazines, lightweight items
  • Can be made 10" -13" Pompoms
  • Can be used to make tassels.
  • Easy to work with and very minimal ripping.
  • Decorate your Party bag to make better appearance
  • Shipped Flat (20 Inch is one folded, so pack appears as 15 x 10)
  • Brand Name: A1BakerySupplies
  • Vendor: A1BakerySupplies
  • UPC:0723979395969
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  • Made in the USA

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